Lighting Industry

Anodized Aluminum Lighting Sheet

Lawrence & Frederick, Inc. offers premium-quality anodized aluminum sheets, or slit-width coils that meet the requirements of a wide variety of functional lighting and reflector applications. Perfect for lighting grids, ceiling panels, and parabolic reflectors, these specialty, low-maintenance materials are easy to clean and will not oxidize, crack, or discolor, even when exposed to extended UV exposure.

We offer specular, semi-specular, diffuse, and textured finishes with a variety of photometric qualities to match your application needs. Embossed sheets are available with small and medium Hammertone, stucco, and Tannebaum optical surfaces for when a specific aesthetic is desired. We also offer highly reflective gloss and matte white painted aluminum options rated up to 90 min TR.

When sourcing material for louver and reflector-style lighting systems, Lawrence & Fredrick clearly stands out as the best choice. We provide world-class aluminum products for the most demanding applications. contact us today to learn how our specialty aluminum products can benefit your next project.

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