Nameplates & Signage

Lightweight sturdy aluminum

Lawrence & Frederick, Inc. is a premier supplier of aluminum materials specifically targeting industrial nameplate and signage applications. Lightweight yet sturdy, aluminum is durable, easily formed, and has a remarkably easy-to-print surface. Our high quality, production-ready anodized substrates are available in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and sizes to help you simplify sourcing and give your finished products outstanding appearance and durability.

We offer satin, matte, and brushed finishes, which can be screenprinted, laser marked, or chemically etched to provide a unique and distinctive appearance. Anodized aluminum is the most versatile of all materials, and our continuous coil process provides an attractive clear or colored finish with exceptional quality and uniformity. Available in gauges from .002″ to .0125″, it is durable, chemically resistant, and readily accepts inks and coatings. We also offer an unsealed anodized substrate for direct dye screen printing with Alumaprint Inks®.

We also offer 1100 H14 nameplate quality degreased raw aluminum for applications that require a more economical alternative to the anodized products. Available in a thickness range of .012″–.063″ the surface is clean and ready to print.

With our large inventory of ready-to-ship materials, we are ready to meet your immediate and ongoing production requirements. contact us today to learn more.

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